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Wilson McCoy, in his own words.
(transcribed below)

The first large-scale museum exhibition featuring Wilson McCoy's Phantom artwork opened in February 2017 at the Borås Konstmuseum in Sweden.

See our exclusive photos from the exhibition HERE!

Now on display at the Kiruna City Hall in Kiruna, Sweden!

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(in Swedish!)


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Wilson McCoy Autobiography: "Born April 6, 1902, Troy, Mo. My father died when I was eleven. Worked at night to obtain education and art training. Studied at Art Institute, Chicago, and Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis, where I later served on faculty. Was advanced layout artist for D'Arcy Advertising Company, Poster Designer for the Orpheum Circuit and General Outdoor Advertising Company.
As free lance artist I made paintings for Liberty Magazine Covers, calendars, pin-ups, prints, and advertising for Shell Oil, Tums, International Silver, U.S. Rubber, Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola.
Was Chairman Mid-west National Cartoonists Society. 1958-1959, made for N.C.S. overseas tours. I live near Barrington, Illinois and I work at home.
Am married to a talented gal who pencils in lettering and panel outlines. My son Bob and daughter Carol are married.
The Phantom runs in 500 newspapers in forty seven countries, and was one of the first of the adventure strips, beginning in 1936.
For relaxation, enjoy good music, lively conversation, photography, and inventing gadgets. The above covers my good side only. All other information available on request."



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