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In February 2017, the exhibit "Wilson McCoys Fantomen" opened at the Borås Konstmuseum in Borås, Sweden.

It is the first large-scale exhibition dedicated to Wilson McCoy, the artist who drew the Phantom from WW2 until 1961.

phantom boy

Two large galleries at the museum pay tribute to Wilson's life and unmistakable style of drawing.

The exhibit features original comic artwork and beautiful enlargements of the strip highlighting his artistry and attention to detail.

boras pop artgirl

original phantom artworkdetail

The exhibit includes many never-before-seen personal photos of Wilson McCoy and his family, who often modeled for Wilson's drawings. His wife Dorothy also did the lettering for the comic strips, and their travels are featured in a display.

family mccoyfamily


The exhibit also examines Wilson McCoy's influence on Swedish Pop Artists, such as Jan Håfström and Jan Stenmark .

pop artpop art wilson mccoy
wilson running manjan halstrom

There's even a Skull Cave with Phantom comic books for the kids!

skull cave

Wilson's grandson Bruce McCoy was there as a guest of the museum at the grand opening celebration.

Bruce McCoy Wilson McCoy dot com

The exhibit was created and developed by Swedish journalist and pop culture writer Martin Thomas Dahlström, which he expanded out of his previous Wilson McCoy exhibition. He's pictured here alongside Bruce McCoy and museum director Pontus Hammarén.

museum group wilson mccoy

Swedish newspaper Boras Tidning featured an article about the opening here.

"Wilson McCoys Fantomen" exhibit will be on display until May 29, 2017.

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