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Wilson often used his own family as models for his illustrations, and the behind-the-scenes making of this strip was featured in the newspaper article below.
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Inkwell article small picInkwell article part B
(Chicago American "Pictoral Living" February 12, 1956)

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October 12, 1954 San Francisco Call-Bulletin photo of Wilson McCoy visiting the newspaper's offices, drawing The Phantom atop a runaway cable car!
WIlsonMcCoy draws The Phantom - SF Chronicle

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Promo photo of Wilson McCoy during Los Angeles visit.

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"St. Louis Oddities"
The long running St. Louis Post-Dispatch cartoon Our Own Oddities by Ralph Graczak began in 1940 as "Saint Louis Oddities." This cartoon features a smoking tree drawn by guest artist Wilson McCoy, who was an art instructor at Washington University at the time.

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"Air Force Bomber Airplanes"
Wilson McCoy original 1952 comic featuring the latest aircraft of the day:
the B-47A Stratojet, B-52 "Stratofortress", B-36 and YB-60 bombers.

Planes Wilson McCoy

1952: Wilson's first hand account of visiting Eglin, Carswell, Luke and Hamilton Army Air Force Bases along with 30 other members of the National Cartoonists Society, aka "The Flying Cartoonists". They were shown the latest aircraft and radar technology, met F-86 Sabrejet flying hero K.K. Compton, and viewed a firefighting demonstration. (Wilson was a volunteer Fire Marshall in Barrington, IL.)
(Newspaper source unknown.)
Airforce Base Visit account
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The "Flying Cartoonists" entertaining the troops with the U.S.O.
Cartoonists Group
Eleven nationally syndicated cartoonists pose at Rhine-Main Airport shortly after their arrival from the U.S. to make a tour of American bases in Europe. Surrounding Bill Holman ("Smokey Stover"), wearing his ever-present fire chief's hat, are (clockwise from left) Don Trachte ("Henry"), John Pierotti ("Taffy Tuttle"), Wilson McCoy ("The Phantom"), Bill De La Torre ("Little Pedro"), Hilda Terry ("Teena"), Joe Fischer ("From Nine To Five"), E. Sims Campbell ("Cuties"), Fred Harman ("Red Ryder"), Al Posen ("Sweeney and Son") and (seated) Mac Miller ("Noah Numskull"). - S&S Photo

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"1927 Art Classes Flyer"
Flyer for drawing and illustrating classes taught by Wilson McCoy at the St. Louis YMCA.
Classes by Wilson flyer

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1961 photo of Wilson on Safari in "French Congo", researching the Mbuti "pygmies" of the Ituri rainforest tribe.
The Mbuti became inspiration for the Bandar tribe featured in "The Phantom".

safari wilson mccoyCongo Wilson McCoy and dignitary
pygmies wilson mccoy dot com

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Wilson and his wife Dorothy's 1954 Christmas Card.
1954 Christmas Card WilsonMCCOYdotCom

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At his drawing desk in his Barrington home studio in 1956.

DrawingDesk Wilson

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