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The Phantom

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The final Sunday strip from the story "A Proper Husband"
Read about the making of this strip on the Wilson McCoy News page.

1950's Phantom Fan Club Certificate
Featuring the official stamp and the signatures of Wilson McCoy and his wife Dorothy.

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From "The Heavyweight Champion"

December 21, 1956. The Phantom accompanies Diana to a charity boxing event where he must face off with the boxing heavyweight champion Chesty Smith.

"The Stolen Cup"
The Phantom Sunday Comic Strip Original Art (1954-1955)

A jungle guide steals the Phantom's glass cup.
(Thank you Torbjörn! for the correct info!)

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Where did Wilson draw his inspiration for drawing the Bandar tribe?
See photos of Wilson on Safari in Africa on our News page.

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Dated 12-25-55 (King Features Syndicate, 1955).

The Phantom Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 7-26-55.
Gangster Gyp's about to open a stolen treasure chest in this Wilson McCoy daily.

The Phantom Sunday Comic Strip Original Art dated 3-20-55
The Phantom tackles a couple of extortionists in this Wilson McCoy Sunday.

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This romantic Sunday episode featuring the Phantom and his gal, Diana Palmer.

Phantom in an undercover mission in these dailies.


Aboard the S.S. Gay
Published in January, 1955.

1955 story "Aboard the S.S. Gay."
The gangster "APE" takes 150 women hostage on board the S.S. Gay, including Diana and her mother.
These panels feature many representations of one of Wilson's specialties: beautifully drawn women!

From "Fathers and Sons"
Phantom Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 2-22-49 (King Features Syndicate, 1949).
Killer Styx rides his horse down memory lane to his first encounter with the legendary Phantom.
Although Wilson McCoy began working on the Phantom in 1942 and took over as the sole artist of the strip in 1956, "Fathers and Sons" was the first story to credit him and feature his famous signature! (PhantomWiki)
This is the second panel of that story:

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(King Features Syndicate, 1954). "Aboard the S.S. Gay"
Ape and his gang hijack the cruise ship, S.S. Gay, in these four dailies, dated 1-1-54, 1-5-54, 1-6-54, and 1-8-54.

The Phantom, in disguise as a Mysterious Stranger, hunts for the notorious Gibbs Brothers.
After a horse is stolen, he parachutes to the scene!

The Phantom Daily Comic Strip Original Art (Feb 1, 1955)

From the story "Aboard The S.S. Gay"
The Ghost Who Walks leaves his tell-tale sign on the jaw of a thug.

March 13th, 1955. The Phantom appears undercover and faces off with the Gibbs Brothers.

"Queen Sansamor and the Sixth Man"
The Phantom and company are shanghaied and taken before the beautiful Queen Sansamor, in these two consecutive dailies, dated 11-15-55 and 11-16-55.

"Captain Kidder's Treasure" & "Dr. Axel's Hospital"
Five Original Phantom Dailies
Two stories are featured here, including the Phantom discovering the devious hunters of Captain Kidder's lost fortune. In the second story, Connie Springs arrives to interview Dr. Axel at his hospital deep in the jungle.
This is the first appearance of Dr. Axel in the strip.
These five dailies, dated 7-23-55, 7-27-55, 8-4-55, 8-5-55, and 8-8-55.

These Phantom Daily Comic Strips Original Artwork ranges from 1948-1956.
It includes original panels from the stories "The Masked Marvel", "Fathers and Sons", "U-Town", and "The Heavyweight Champion".




The female driven action strip that Wilson McCoy tried to launch:
Joan Dark!

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